Sunday, April 29, 2007

A bad server and my favourite kits

This weekend we are again moving to a new server. The old one was just too small for all the new published kits. But I can tell you it´s making me nervous. I´m always afraid that something is sold while we are moving, or, that something happens and our files or site are destroyed. But I guess that is something I must live with ;-)
So when all is over we must not only celebrate the movement but also our 1/2 birthday - WOW! I really cannot believe that we are doing all that for a half year now! So many things have been done. Not one day I haven´t worked on the site, haven´t checked my mails or I could admire the great kits of my designers!!!
Special thanks to Susi who started this big project with me, Pelin who came after we looked for new designers and Nayyan who was first our FANTASTIC cm and later a great designer!
Check their blogs - they are really great and you always find some fun stuff there :-)

And before I forget - I think these are the best new kits we have - I just love the colors!!!

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