Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a day...!

I´m sitting on our balcony, listening to the birds and my laptop is with me. During the whole day I tried to change my blog-settings. Not easy - but it´s done now.
Thank you Pelin for your support :-)

I started this blog because I started designing. Otherwise it wouldn´t make sense because I already have that big website. But then today I thought about it. Isn´t a blog connected with scrapbooking in some ways? It´s also there to keep your memories. So in future I will do my best to connect both.

I decided that you not only will find freebies, links, tipps or tutorials here but also things about my life, photos, layouts and so on.

Hope you enjoy these things, too and come back to my blog and leave a comment!


Nayyan said...

My dear friend Monja, I loooooovr your blog. I am so happy you are designing, your kits are gorgeous!

A Big hug!!!!


cliketyscrap said...

Love the blog Monja. Thank you for the pics of your mum and, oops! forgot the other one. have to go have another look LOL. Thank You!!!