Saturday, May 19, 2007

DS exclusive Club

Maybe you get our newsletter and you´ve already recogized that it is so much better than before. Since Nayyan and Pelin have joined the team we can add more content - so it´s possible to make a new tutorial for you each week but you can also read Nayyan`s Brightside Express. I must say that I love what she is writing. Her muse always makes me think of the essence in life.
Sometimes I feel we are just running behind money, a great job, a beautiful house, things we think makes the life better.
But do they really do?
No - I´m sure we should more often think about the things we really need. Love, friendship, great people, a nice word and a weekend with your loved.

What I wanted to tell you - we are going to found a DS exclusive Club for our great members! You are something special and you made DS what it is up to now. I´m sure we will grow more and more and meet more special people who contribute to our great community - for all those is our Club!
I´m sure you´ll enjoy - you will get exclusive designer kits. But you will also know about the secrets of Photoshop and Co. - our great designers will tell you how elements are done!!!


Sherry said...

This sounds great!

cliketyscrap said...

I certainly am looking forward to joining your D.S. exclusive club. How much to join? and when will this be available to join? can not wait!!!