Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Matias

Hi everyone and first of all:

Happy birthday Matias, my sweet little nephew, from your auntie.

I couldn´t stand it - I needed to scrap with Nayyan´s newest kit ASAP. I just love this kit!!!! It´s really a treasure box.
When she made this kit we talked about our treasure boxes - I always had one. I just love to have a little secret box where all the things are in which are important to me.
Today I cannot put all the things I love in a box - but I´ve got a big treasure now. My husband, my family, my cat, my home - and for sure: my friends.
Scrap what you can with this box. You will love it!!!! Click on the picture to find the whole collection on DS.

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HeatherB said...

This is a stunning layout. Love the understated stripes, really works well with the mats and photo. Lovely!