Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lots of news in my life

Lots of things are going on in my life! As I told you before I try to pass my exam at the moment. And maybe the best is that my Mom opens a new restaurant. Two years ago she must close her old one because of strange people who came to our family and destroyed everything. I´m so happy that - in the end - they couldn´t destroy a thing. Better: in the end they are the bad ones looking in a deep hole. I don´t look for a revenge because I believe in God and I think he did his best. He and my grandma most probably....because she has passed away in 2000.... Anyway - I´m happy...cannot remember when I was the last time so happy and so tired LOL

Here is a layout of my granny, a tribute to her in loving memory. I still miss her. I did that for her on mother´s day.

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