Thursday, June 28, 2007

I´m back!

Wow! Two days without my internet connection...that was really bad... I felt so lost. This morning I tried to go to an internet café to check my mails - but it was closed.
But I realized how many things I could do at a day when I cannot sit in front of my site LOL.
I changed the furniture in our flat (the living room is completely different now) and I also cleaned the whole flat - things I couldn´t find time for before (so maybe it was good hihi).
I also made a new kit and a sampler for you! I hope you like my newest kit "Atlantis" for all your summer and swimming photos! If you take the sampler I would be really happy when you leave a comment for me! Thank you!!!

Click on the kit preview to see the full kit, click on the sampler preview to get the sampler and click on the layout to see my layouts in the gallery!


CandidMoon's Fairyland said...

♥♥ this kit is just precious, i can't wait to came back from vacation and make some pages ♥♥

mel said...

thanks so much for this kit!
much love,