Thursday, August 9, 2007

My two little kitten

Since two weeks our family got a bit bigger - there are no longer just Stephan (my husband), Maxi (my cat) and me - now i found another little tiger - Minny - and we decided that she will stay with us forever! So welcome Minny to your new home!

Credits: done with Seehexchen´s kit "Cat" - available at here


Cher said...

Hi there!
I am so relieved you are keeping Minny - O have been a cat rescuer all muy life - everyone in my fasmily is - and I am oldest of 8 children!!! Loves and gentler jugs - and thanks so much for fairy lit - colors are breathtaking!
LOve and gentle hugs - Cher (cherfre2000)

Cher said...

Oh my - I have bad typos in last post - supposed to say "Love and gentle HUGs - forgive me! Cher