Saturday, November 17, 2007

Miny & Maxi Freebie for you!

hello friends,

I made a mini-kit for you. It is dedicated to my sweet little cats - Miny & Maxi. To show our users that we are back the kit is published on our page and you get it when you register there (it´s worth because during the next time you get a lot of freebies there hehe)
Click on the picture to get there!


Anonymous said...

I registered and then went all over the site and could not find your Miny and Maxi kit. It is adorable and I would love to have had it. Oh well!

MisticaDesigns said...

hi! when you´ve registered you see a menu appear on the left - called "freebie" - and there you find it :-)

Anonymous said...

I have been back to the shop several times and can find nothing that says "feebie". I am planning on buying some kits and did receive the $2.00 for registering, but still can't find "Mini and Maxi". I also have two cats and would love to use this to scrap them. My email is

Thanks ... Darlene