Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year´s Eve

hi to all of you out there,
i know - no news from me since a week - but the reason is easy. At the moment i´m reading a book about webmarketing and the author told me how happy i should be that i am allowed to send my blogreaders a newsletter (i´m happy, you can believe me ;-) )
Well so I thought I would most probably make you angry when I post something new each day *lol* and lose some of my dear readers this way. Maybe you are laughing at me - but that author really harms me ;-)
What he didn´t harm was the creativity of our designers - our january collaboration kit is ready and i cannot wait to show you because i´m really proud what they are doing - great, isn´t it?
You can buy this for just 5.99 $ or - and that is the best - you can take part in our challenges and get it for free! Can you believe? Such a big great fantastic kit? Check out here to get more information about it :-)

....and, last but not least, a GORGEOUS HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!

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