Friday, March 21, 2008

Four new products in the store!

Yes, true - I made 4 new products at once! It makes a big difference when you are on vacation *lol*.
If you are a digital designer you´ll love this one "How to send advertising to all Yahoogroups at once" - it´s worth each Dollar as it saves you hours each week! You can send your advertising to as many Yahoogroups you´ve signed up for at ONE time - is that great? Stop copy and pasting *lol* (just click the picture to get more information about each product)

Here are my two newest kits:

Mistical Morning - Do you know these mornings where the sun is rising, the birds sing their songs, the air smells fresh and there is still some dew on the leaves of the plants?
Everything is fresh and clear and so peaceful. I know I loved these mornings as a little child. This kit and it´s colors remember me at the mistical mornings.
It´s perfect for all kind of photos - family photos as well as spring or summer pictures. It also goes with wedding pictures and black and white photos. You´ll find in this package 10 different backgrounds and 16 different elements for lots of nice layouts!

Summer Garden is a collection with warm colors which reminds you of a beautiful summer day with barbeque in the garden, playing kids everywhere and lots of fun with your family and friends!
The collection comes with sensitive patterned backgrounds to make sure that your pictures are set in the spot of attention. It also includes a lot of nice elements. All in all you find 5 backgrounds and 18 elements.
Two CD Labels for your personal CDs - you can print them and put them on your self burned photo or music cds. It´s a nice present but also to know what is on your CDs. Some printers have the feature to print directly on CDs. That works as well as with CD stickers.
In one label you can also add your personal photos.

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