Wednesday, April 16, 2008

7 days of commercial freebies - day 2

Here my tag pack. Hope you enjoy!


peata said...

i need a couple of ready made tags to spruce up my blog.
glad i found ya. -all about the mini album
my blog - Crazy bout mini albums :)

cjournet13 said...

hello !
i tried to get your freebies 1 and 2 but when i click on the picture, i come into the shop and i get the message "sorry, the product was not found"
How can i get it ?
thank you

Anonymous said...

I've tried to find these for two days - what is a Building Lot? Where are they in the store site? I'm getting the product not found message also, have looked all around the store, the forum link isn't operational?

Any help appreciated!

MisticaDesigns said...

the site is under contruction = building lot *lol* the product is there please just click on the picture of the freebie. thank you!