Thursday, June 26, 2008

Amelia is finally here :-)

Did I tell you that one of my friends got her baby girl at the end of April? I must say that i´m sooo totally happy about that and even more because Monica - Amelia´s Mum - and her family were more than one time afraid that Amy would never see daylight.
And now? Hasn´t she the most beautiful smile you ever saw? I just adore her and love seeing photos from her all the time!
Monica is 1st a good friend, 2nd dsg gallery manager and 3rd my ct member *lol* you see - she has a lot of functions. But I guess the main role in her life play her husband and kids!
If you like to know a bit more about my ct-girls you can check out the team page
where you can learn more about me and the other girls here. Also if you need inspiration have a look at the gallery at dsg - it´s amazing what my creative ladies can do with the kits!

ps: I took off the minimum order fee so you can get all samples for free. If you like to support my free work please click on the google ads here (of course just if you like to visit the site). Thank you!

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