Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Daily Freebie, Commercial Use Collaboration Grabbag & 4th of July kit

Several new events this week at my site. Maren (from Dreamcatcher Designs) and
I made a commercial use grabbag and I promise you that you won´t be disappointed.

It contains not just 2 of Maren´s great actions but also my Little Kitten pack for
commercial use as bonus! We also added 4 more packages so you see it´s really
worth the money ;-)

Also I made a kit for all you Americans out there as I know how important the
Independence day is for you! I hope that is what you looking for - a kit with
lots of items to decorate your celebrations.

And last but not least - the daily freebie at digital scrapgirl is back!!!!
The team decided to give you piece by piece a beautiful kit every month. All
you have to do is register at the forum and check in every day as the daily freebie
is just available for 24 hours. When you are logged in an additional menu called
daily freebie appears on the left.

Have a great week!


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