Friday, December 12, 2008

Still cannot believe...

....I´m going to America!!!

This has a story.

When I was a little girl (12 years old) my grandpa promised me to go with me to New York. Summer Holidays were near and I told anybody about that. It wasn´t his fault that in the end we couldn´t go. We had some family issues and so we decided to go together with my Mum - so he, my grandma, my mum and I went to Mallorca in Spain and had a great time.
But since that days I´m crazy to go to America. I always wanted to visit the country and I even studied English at the University.

I LOVE everything there and I guess I idealize it a lot but still - I cannot wait!
Now my dear husband bought two tickets as my christmas present to Los Angeles! It´s not "just" that he fullfills my greatest dream but also that I will meet my friend Nayyan again... what can I say? This day was perfect....

Although Carena couldn´t believe - I made a layout *lol*
I´m just so happy I could scream it so loud that anyone can hear me!!!!!!


Michelle from MD, USA said...

Keep it down I'm trying to sleep!! LOL Congratulations on your Christmas gift. WOW!! What a husband you have... In Americia, we would suspect that the husband has done something wrong and is trying to get on your good side by making one of your dreams come true!! He has either done something seriously wrong OR he is crazy in love with you!!

I hope America meets all of your expectations. I bet LA will be fantastic. Have a safe trip & a fabulous time!!

Nina said...

Oh dear!!!
I know what this means to you!! I am HAPPY for you and I bet you will have a great time!!!!!
Lots of love!!

MisticaDesigns said...

thanks for your comments girls

*lol* michelle, you are right - usually men just do that because they have a bad conscious. in this case my husband went "just" through a bad illness - or we did together. this is the reason why he did that for me ;-)