Thursday, June 21, 2007

DS News

Hello to all of you!

It seems as if you here in Germany just find rain, rain and summer starts and i can hardly find the sun!
So I guess the best you can do is sitting at the computer and do some scraps ;-) No, I´m just kidding - I´ve also been busy the last days.
I try to set up the DS Exclusive Club and what can I say - we are working on it and you can be sure that we will invite all of you in July.
We are also looking for a great new layout for our site. It´s a hard job - can you imagine? Nayyan and I have been thinking about it for now 3 days! And we have come up with lots of things but not with THAT thing! Our site should become something very very special - a place where you feel at home.
So if you have any ideas - they are really appreciated!!!
Wish you all a great day!

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