Friday, June 22, 2007

Too much time...

hello girls,
have you ever heard that someone in our hectic time is bored???? never?
me not either - till now. I AM BORED *gggg*
i´ve got vacation but when i was complaining some weeks ago that i don´t find anytime for the blog now i´ve got TONS of time, working so much on the pc that i sometimes just need to leave it *lol*
so this morning i started to move the furniture from one room to the other - my husband was a little shocked. i think he remembered the times when i had lots of time and he slept in another room each night....hihi....
ok i will stop complaining, i guess a lot of people wish they would feel bored a bit ....
i will try to enjoy, relax and scrap :-)

oh, don´t forget to vote on our site for the layout of the month! nina, one of our great designers, was so nice to make that. so have fun and enjoy the day!

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