Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some highlights - and THE new scrapbooking trend - boxes!

hi to all of you out there,

first of all: all my articles at the store are 20% off! I haven´t published an ending date so be sure you grab what you want immediately as you never know when the sale ends!
Check out here

My sale is a Nayyan-Welcome-Sale - can you imagine? My site partner and friend from California will visit me here in Germany and she arrives on Sunday!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it! Whenever I think at this my stomach turns around and around and I´m sure I will die when we pick her up at the airport ..........awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!yieeepieeeeeehhhhhhhhh!!!!

Plus I found some great new stuff on our site for you!
Maren´s commercial and personal use boxes - you know these boxes are the next digital scrapbooking trend and we have them for both, designers and scrappers - you don´t find them anywhere else for commercial use!

And here is my personal favourite - the new DSG Collaboration Kit for March!

This kit has OVER 120 elements and backgrounds - click on the picture to see more detailed information and more pictures at the store.

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