Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Digidesign Resort....

I wonder if you all have heard about our great new site, the Digidesign Resort?

We offer several services there - first of all

a suuuuuuuuuper big designer grabbag!

You get 4 (yes you read right!) actions and a mix of 50 elements, backgrounds and photoshop brushes. This bag is amazing but will be gone after sunday. So just 3 more days for you to check it out!

Click here

We have another fantastic thing i need to tell you. We made a big big resource for all digital designers with more than 30 actions - yes, believe it *lol* and additional 400 elements, papers, overlays, brushes, styles, stockphotos... and whatever you can think of as a designer.

Click here for more information

and last but not least:

Promote your designs with our help

Designer´s Extra Subscriptions

We offer a new service at Digidesign Resort.
As designers we know how important advertising is. To give all designers the chance to advertise here at the resort (and not just a few with the banner advertising) we added a product gallery to our gallery and a designer business room where you can ask questions to other designers as well as get help if you need.

as a special bonus you get help at the forum in all webdesign questions. i´ll check the forum daily to support all your questions to zencart, group advertising, etc.

also, we´ve added several tutorials to our forum - like:

- how to make your own style at photoshop
- how to advertise in all yahoogroups at once
- how to add multiple downloads to zencart
- ....etc

several more will follow

So for 10 Dollar per year you get:

  • unlimited access to the product gallery (you can upload as much as you want)
  • access to the designer forum with webdesign help
  • tutorials to designer related questions

honestly - this is a deal, or?

you can subscribe in our subscription area -
click here - just purchaise "Designer´s Extras" and you are free for product gallery and the designer forum immediately :-)

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