Friday, August 8, 2008


Yes, now it had been done to me LOL - I´ve read it soooo often and never knew what it was exactly but i hope, really hope I got it now... Snowraven tagged me :-) If you want to see some great celtic designs - go here

Ok... so now 7 thinks about me..mmm

1. I´m totally addicted - to webdesign LOL - yes, you read right, I love to go through code, love to figure out things which didn´t work before.
2. I´m the worst cooker you can think of - mmm - if I make a sunny side egg I probably burn the kitchen!
3. I get up early - every day! Because I love to be up when others are sleeping, it´s so quiete outside and the sun rises slowly
4. I´ve met my husband and our best friend in the sauna (*embarrased*)
5. I got a designer by mistake and my best friend Nayyan convinced me ;-)
6. I love the Simpsons, Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon and nothing more than my computer!
7. Last weekend I started cleaning and cooking because my internet connection had gone *OMGH* (worst days EVER!)

ok... let me think who I can tag...

Nina -
Nayyan -
Kleopatra -
Maren -
Carena -
Monica -
Pelin -

have a great weekend and visit me at!

hugs to all!

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Adele said...

i just LOVE your site it rocks...

You do such great work...! - which is why I'm giving you a BLOG AWARD!!! :)

Pop over to my blog to find out all of the details and what to do next:

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